When booking a trip, especially in advance, there is always the risk of having to cancel or interrupt your holiday due to unforeseen circumstances, such as health problems, accidents, injuries, emergencies, binding commitments or other unexpected situations.


In all these cases, the expenses resulting from the cancellation can be enormous. Just think, for example, of the cost of non-refundable airline tickets or the activities and accommodation already paid for.


In order to avoid these unpleasant occurrences, our policy will allow you to request a refund for a sum of up to 8000.00 euros per person of the costs incurred.  In this way bookings can be made well in advance in the knowledge that nothing will be lost in the case of cancellation.


What’s more, starting from this year you  have the possibility to expand the policy to cover any sports activities you do during your holiday.


In fact, a holiday is an excellent way to unite sport and fun, without underestimating the risks that can occur. It is exactly for this reason that we offer you  the possibility of increasing your cover for problems arising in relation to all your outdoor activities.


This service has been created specifically for those wishing to be protected while practicing outdoor sports, such as skiing, mountain-biking, windsurfing, sailing and horse-riding. 


If, for example, you need to return home before the end of your holiday because of an accident or an illness, you may request a refund on your ski-pass, equipment hire, or ski lessons.   Furthermore, you will be assisted with any medical costs incurred.



Below we have provided you with a list of circumstances where it is possible to request a refund due to the  cancellation or interruption of a holiday.


In the case of illness or accident, the costs and the penalties sustained will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 8000 euros. Cover also applies to a family member or any other travel companion. This also applies to any cancellation or interruption caused by COVID irrespective of the situation regarding the pandemic.

Cover also applies to cancellation or illness in relation to COVID irrespective of whether COVID is classified as an epidemic or pandemic (WHO, Italian Health Authority). Several examples that illustrate the application of the insurance cover in more detail are given below.

    Cover will be applied if the insured party is unable to proceed with or has to interrupt a holiday.
  • If the insured party has a high fever following a negative or positive result to a COVID test or if the insured party is positive without showing symptoms.
  • If the insured party is unwell and presents symptoms of COVID
  • If a close relative or family member is suffering from COVID and the presence of the insured party is considered urgent or vital.
  • If a close relative or family member is suffering from COVID and requires the assistance of the insured party.

There is no insurance cover in the case of quarantine of an entire hotel or in separate accommodation.

However, cancellation cover will not be provided if the insured party cannot or is not willing to go on the holiday because he or she is a person at risk or if he or she is concerned - also if at risk- about a growing number of cases in the location of the holiday.

In addition, we shall make no distinction between patients at risk or not at risk in terms of insurance premiums, nor with regard to age (90 years limit).

It is to be noted that any cancellations in connection to the pandemic, such as the loss of employment, are covered by the policy.


    Insurance coverage is provided in the event that the policyholder is unable to undertake or has to interrupt the trip:
  • Because he is found to have a high body temperature, even in the presence of a subsequent negative test for Covid19
  • Because the policyholder tested positive for Covid19 even in the absence of symptoms or fever
  • Because the policyholder became ill presenting the symptoms of Covid19
  • Because a close relative or a member of the family unit of the policyholder has fallen ill with Covid19 and it is necessary for the policyholder to be present at home
  • Because the travel companion of the policyholder fell ill with Covid19 and the trip cannot be undertaken

Insurance coverage is also provided in the event of quarantine of the policyholder or a travel companion by order of the Government or a public authority based on the suspicion that the policyholder or a travel companion has been exposed to a contagious disease (including Covid infection19). The need to be subject to quarantine must be adequately proven by official documents issued by the Authorities that ordered its execution. The insurance coverage does not operate in the event of a quarantine that applies in general or extensively to a part or all of a population or geographical area or that applies in the place of departure, destination of the journey or in the intermediate stages.

The insurance coverage also does not operate if the policyholder cannot or does not want to undertake the trip because he is worried – also as a patient at risk - of an infection also due to an increasing number of cases in the holiday destination or travel destination.

In the event of a lockdown, closure of borders or restrictions that limit the freedom of movement of Italian citizens, the policy will have no effect on any trips that may be cancelled, for which the Authority will have to provide suitable forms of compensation for paid and unused services.


In the unfortunate case of the death of the insured party any sums already paid will be reimbursed. Our policy in fact offers compensation of up to 8000 euros to cover any costs sustained. This also applies to the death of a person on which the reservation depends, such as a family member, travel companion or a person providing accommodation.


During this period during in which there are many risks and when it is therefore necessary to pay particular attention whilst travelling, should any illness arise connected to the pregnancy (up to the 26th week) that entail the cancellation of the booking, it is possible to request the reimbursement of any costs sustained. It should be noted that this applies only if the pregnancy is determined after the stipulation of the policy.


One of the many unexpected events that can occur and that can justify the cancellation of a holiday is being called to do jury service. In this case it is possible to request a reimbursement of up to 8000 euros.


Leaving for a holiday by car is the most convenient way to arrive at your destination especially if there is difficulty in reaching the location by means of public transport. But what happens if an accident preceding your journey renders the car unusable? With our policy even in this case a reimbursement of up to 8000 euros is possible providing the accident occurs during the journey.


Unfortunately it is often necessary to cancel a holiday due to the sudden loss of a job. If the termination of the employment relationship was neither foreseen nor foreseeable at the time the insurance contract was taken out, our insurance policy offers coverage for travel and accommodation costs already incurred that cannot be recovered in any other way, up to a maximum of € 8000.00.


If, due to one of the reasons stated above, you cannot start your holiday on the scheduled date, you can request a refund for the unused part of the stay due to late arrival at your booked accommodation, starting from the date scheduled for the start of your holiday.


Many misfortunes can arise in the home, such as fires, floods or burglaries. Generally speaking, in these cases the authorities concerned may ask the owners not to leave the property so that they are available for any further evaluations. Should any of these events occur in the 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure date, forcing the insured party to cancel the trip, it is possible to request the reimbursement of expenses already incurred up to the sum of 8000 euros. This also extends to cover material damage to your place of work, if you are self-employed.


Have you ever thought about your dog or cat in case they get sick before departure or during your stay and you have to give up your holiday together with your 4-legged friend? We would reimburse the cancellation or interruption costs for this unfortunate event.



Hotel cancellation
other cases
€ 8.000 0% in the event of death or a hospital stay of more than 3 days. 10% in all other cases.
Interruption of stay
other cases
€ 8.000 0% in the event of death and a hospital stay longer than 3 days, 10% all other cases.

Age limit 90 years.



During a normal day when we are not on holiday, a dose of the flu or an accident can easily occur, forcing us to seek medical assistance either from our own GP or a local medical centre or hospital. On the other hand, when we are away from home things can be very different. Perhaps we have no idea who to contact. This is why receiving help and assistance is essential for accessing medical treatment quickly.

What happens if you become ill or have an accident whilst on holiday? You have to look for a hospital or the telephone number of a doctor. Just call our operations centre which will take of your case and give you all the necessary information and possibly put you in touch with a doctor, organise transport and, if necessary, your return home.


Dealing with a health problem on holiday always involves expenses. This is why you can request a refund of any costs already sustained if you are admitted to hospital, for transport or for a family member's accommodation.

Our policies also offer a reimbursement of medical costs, urgent treatment or surgery sustained during the trip.

In the case of being admitted to hospital, if the stay should be extended, we will cover any transport and accommodation costs for a family member of your choice to assist you. The policy also applies to urgent dental treatment that cannot be delayed.


    Medical expenses caused by Covid or Quarantine are included for example:
  • Medical transport
  • Travel expenses for a family member
  • Expenses for early return in the case of a family member being hospitalized
  • Extension of stay

Extension of the stay

If the policyholder is unable to undertake the return trip on the date and by the means initially envisaged as a result of illness or injury (proven by a medical certificate), due to the loss or theft of the documents necessary for repatriation (proven by a report to the Local Authorities) or following quarantine involving the policyholder or a travel companion, ordered by the local government or local public authorities (and adequately documented) based on the suspicion that the policyholder or a travel companion has been exposed to a contagious disease (including Covid19 infection).

    The company reimburses:
  • the cost of extending the stay (bed and breakfast) for the policyholder and a travel companion (as long as insured), up to the amount indicated in the Table of Insured Capital € 100 PER DAY FOR MAX 14 DAYS
  • the higher costs incurred if the policyholder is unable to return home on the date and / or by the means initially provided, up to the maximum amount indicated in the Table of Insured Capital. The guarantee is extended to a travel companion, provided he/she is insured with the Company, and operates only in the event that the policyholder is unable to use the tickets in his possession.

Supplementary costs Return € 500 Italy / € 1000 Europe


For lovers of outdoor activities (horse-riding, sailing, trekking etc.) there is no better time to participate in these sports than on holiday. But what happens if you injure yourself while skiing? Or if your equipment is damaged or not delivered on time?

If an emergency should occur, our assistance is at your complete disposal. We will provide assistance to cover possible costs, such as search and rescue, medical costs and, if so desired, your return home.

We will also reimburse:

  • Ski passes
  • Lessons
  • Equipment Hire


Being a victim of theft is one of the worst experiences to face, especially on holiday when you are far away from home and if you are abroad in particular. A truly effective travel policy must therefore provide for this eventuality.


There is always the possibility that during your holiday or whilst taking part in a sporting activity you unexpectedly cause damage or injury to another person. To assist you in this case, we provide you with a limit of liability for damages to third parties.



Medical costs €1000 Italy/€15000 abroad €50
24h medical help Specific to the service NO
Luggage €750 NO
Third party civil liability* €250.000 €500 also animals
Outdoor package(refund of unused services, recovery/rescue*)

Recovery/Rescue: € 2500

Unused services: € 1000



- Guarantee only for events that have occurred or sporting activities.
- Policy guaranteed for persons between the ages of 4 and 70 years.
- Policy valid in Europe, including Italy, San Marino and the Vatican City.
- Insurance policy duration: the insurance policy is valid for the duration identified in the application form.
- The policy is valid from the time specified on the application form.
- In the event of a claim, in order to be able to benefit from the cover offered in this policy, the Insured Party, or any person that is covered by this insurance, the service in charge, at the time of the event, will check if the person involved in the accident and/or the insured party, matches the name of the insured party, as well as his/her identity, issuing a report stating the unfolding of the events and any liability borne by the insured party: this report will be attached to the claim report and sent also at a later date.



  • Within 48 hours from the booking/confirmation of the stay.
  • Must be stipulated for the entire cost of the stay.
  • Applicable only to the booking stated on the confirmation.
  • Valid from the time of the date of issue and payment of the policy to the end of the stay.



Before completing the purchase of the policy, please consult the Pre-contractual Information regarding the contents, guarantees and the excesses, as well as any warnings and exclusions. The guarantees are applicable within the limits and maximums indicated in the policy.


This website only supplies a brief overview of our products. More information is available in the contractual documentation. We therefore invite you to carefully read all the documents in order to be certain that you are fully informed about each individual aspect concerning your cover (maximums, items not covered, excesses, exclusions and obligations).

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