Care4uHotel provides different coverage solutions that can be combined with each other: cancellation of the reservation, 24-hour health assistance with the reimbursement of medical expenses and the protection of one's stay, with reimbursement in the event of an extension or early interruption of the stay in the hotel as well as a outdoor cover, to enjoy the sports activities you do during your holiday. Obviously, all the guarantees are also valid in the event of Covid-19.

With Care4uHotel you have the peace of mind of traveling safely, the possibility of being able to cancel your holiday at any time, and to manage the complications of a forced extension of your stay due to Covid-19.

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Penalty refund for cancellation

Ergo Travel Insurance reimburses the customer the penalty in case of cancellation or interruption of the trip. Many solutions available: from cancellation due to infection or quarantine from Covid-19 to cancellation for documentable reasons.

Reimbursement of medical expenses

In the event of illness or injury, Ergo Travel Insurance reimburses medical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses. The refund is also valid in the event of Covid-19.

24/7 assistance

Ergo Travel Insurance guarantees complete protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: sending a doctor in case of need, return to your residence and health care even for family members who have stayed at home.


Ergo Travel Insurance guarantees coverage during holiday activities by reimbursing both lessons and passes.

Coverage for unexpected events for Covid-19

In the event that a guest tests positive or is declared in quarantine due to Covid-19, Ergo Travel Insurance will bear the additional costs of the stay up to 14 days. In the case of forced interruption of the stay, the guest can request a refund for the nights not taken.

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